Our Story

RoTak was born out of the pressing need for a reliable solar panel maintenance solution.

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Protecting Investments with RoTak

Helping protect vulnerable components from birds and rodents, RoTak stepped up in 2018 to provide hassle-free protection against unwanted pests encroaching on solar panel systems nationwide.

RoTak saw a grim gap in the market: no products available to stave off disasters caused by pests targeting solar system owners. So, RoTak created Critter Guard kits – an effective solution that puts pest prevention at Solar Panel Owners and Professional’s fingertips.

At RoTak, we understand that quality is key. That's why our triple check system challenges ourselves to make the best solar panel protection and aftercare products better every day - raising industry standards with uncompromising excellence! Our commitment? To keep delivering exceptional service until you can proudly say your panels are protected by RoTak.

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Trusted aftercare products from industry experts

With our specialized expertise in the solar care industry and connections to commercial system installer professionals, we provide top-notch aftercare products that get even better results.

Our carefully crafted line of products are made with a purpose - they offer superior quality while utilizing maximum efficiency for optimal performance. We are proud of the reputation we have built in supporting the needs of professionals and DIYers alike!

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