Critter Abatement & Solar Panel Aftercare Products

Avoid costly damage caused by uninvited guests with our Heavy Duty Pro Critter Abatement products and maintain your Solar Panels crystal clean with our RoTak cleaning solutions.

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Essential Selections

  • Pro Critter Guard Mesh Roll & Kits (for Solar Panels)
  • Lite Critter Guard Mesh Roll & Kits (for Solar Panels)
  • Pro Bird Spikes Stainless Steel (50 Feet / 25pc)
  • SolBright Solar Panel Cleaner (32oz)

Preferred by The Pros

We’ve tried everything on the market and we kept getting super cheap stuff. We ended up on RoTak, best one out there - quality material, customer service - Truly the best!

- Sun Buff Solutions (Las Vegas, NV)

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RoTak Solutions

Critter Abatement Solutions

Critters can do significant damage to solar panels, leading to costly repairs. Explore our range of abatement solutions designed to keep the critters out for good.

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Cleaning Solutions

Discover the innovative cleaning solutions by RoTak that will power your project to new heights, restoring maximum efficiency and putting money back in your pocket.

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